Thursday, June 16, 2011

How to make Organic Elderflower Cordial...

It's easy - that's for sure :) We know it from our time in Austria, where it was served in 'Buschenschanken'. These are usually farms or vineries in the countryside who serve their own produce, meat and, of course wine. They also served chilled 'Elderflower Cordial', which was my favorite beverage (well, besides the wine ;))

A few years ago I started making the cordial myself, since we have lots of 'Common Elder' plants on our property.

Freshly cut Elderflowers and Lemon

Tiny blossoms in the sugar-lemon-water solution.

Here are the simplified instructions for anyone who would like to make this refreshing beverage:
Dissolve sugar in water (5 parts sugar, 3 parts water - or whatever ratio works for you - the sugar is mainly used to preserve the syrup. If less sugar is used, the syrup/juice can spoils rather quickly - unless it's stored frozen. I did this too one year - made with agave syrup and honey, instead of sugar)

Add the peel and juice from lemons
add elderflowers (freshly picked, washed - as many as you can fit, I usually add a few more after a day or two)
let stand for several days (in the fridge)
Strain and fill in mason jars or glass bottles that can be closed tightly.

Pour some syrup into a glass, add ice, water - ENJOY!
(I was enjoying too quickly to take a picture ;))

Thanks for reading!!!

I also found a link on Wikipedia... (after I wrote all this to find a better name for 'syrup' or 'juice' - I didn't know there was the term 'cordial' for this particular beverage - one never stops learning ;)


  1. It is indeed - simple yet sooooo delicious and refreshing :)
    I just added fresh cut flowers to the solution - I'll have about 1/2 gallon cordial, when it's done. This should last for a while ;)

  2. Want some, will have to add this to my farm next year.