Saturday, November 6, 2010

TreeHouse Herbs - The Story

Finally my first post on this blog to keep the story regarding "TreeHouse Herbs" documented (so I hope :))

For years I'm using herbs (as tea and remedies) from our garden for our family and friends, but I'd never thought that this might lead to open a business. Well, here we are: TreeHouse Herbs was born in October 2010.

How everything started:
I was giving a friend who was stressed out a little tin of my 'Stress Relief' herbal blend and was asked if I sold this somewhere. Just a few weeks before another friend had asked the same. I thought if someone thinks the blends could be bought somewhere, maybe they really could...

I asked the store owner of our Green Grocery store in town, if she would be interested in selling some of my herbal blends, and she was!!! Well, then it was just a matter of trying some samples and getting the first order ready.
And since this a little bigger than I even thought possible, I had to go officially into business.

We decided about the name (after we figured it wasn't so easy to find names that still have an available URL!!!) and I registered the business name with the County Recorder last week.
Now only a few things need to be settled (PO Box, business account etc) and then I just hope that some more orders will arrive :)

Of course it will not be THAT easy, but I'm working on getting an online store going and I plan to open a store on ETSY.
Good luck to us :) and thanks for reading.

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